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This collection of my best love poems, hot sexy poems, and tastefully erotic poems will excite all women and lovers. Exceptionally romantic, arousing, and even artistic, Lover Erotica is the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, or anytime you would like to add some romance and spice into your life.

More than poetry, poetic art...

Fun, original poems with great, humorous illustrations! If you enjoy my poems help support an independent, self published author.

WHAT the readers SAY

I salute you, I hats off to you for your artful deed,
You’re the precious in the world of literature – one day everyone will agreed

Catherine Painter

We all readers feel lucky to go through your epics, As they are really so wonderful and strategics.

Delois Bartlett

I liked you said in winter’s warmth “warm glowing lights brightly shine”,
Same are my wishes that you may reach to the sky with poetry sunshine.

Daniel E.

I Hats off to you for football haiku and Christmas white,
All your poems and writing pieces are so delight.

Ray L. Gaines

I feel lucky to read your poem “Dancing in the rain”, That take readers in the world of happiness and vanishes every pain.


I salute you for the way you represents reality of surroundings, and much appreciates you for poetry which have amazing soundings.

Scott Lee

I salute you Tommy sir for your creative mind, I really appreciate your writing skills and its rhyme.

Evelyn Jones

A Special Thank You


 to the following
for recognizing my poetry from Imagination Celebration and supporting my
literary work as an educational tool for teachers and their students.

Free Poetry – Tommy Garrison’s Books

Lover Erotica


A collection of my best love
poems, sexy poems, and
tastefully erotic poems.

Imagination Celebration


A book of fun, original poems with great illustrations that the whole family will enjoy!

A Miraculous Fate


Written by Tommy Garrison
& best selling kindle author
Kristen James!

Valentine Poems

Enjoy this beautiful and romantic collection of Valentine’s Day Poems!  Make the heart of your sweetheart melt.  Also, see more ideas about unique Valentines gifts for your partner, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend