Christmas holiday poems


A Most Holy Night

Virtuous woman on a most holy night,
traveled the dark as a star shone bright.
A manger of refuge, a babe was born,
His light doth shine, His life was sworn.

Wise men came, the shepherds too,
to see the Christ who would renew.
A most precious baby Mary held close,
destined to rule, our Holy Father chose.

The angels sang, for our grace was here,
forgiving the world, removing our fear.
A peasant boy came and felt quite small,
so he played his drum, he played his all.

We received that night the King of kings.
Compassion, love, forgiveness He brings.
This Christmas day let us all not forget,
the babe that came, to pay all our debt.


Holiday Lane

the beautiful things in a holiday scene
snow covered streets where carolers sing
horses pulling carts on cobbles that sheen
romantic top hats shopping for rings

chestnut vendor scents the brisk cold air
hot chocolate mixed aromas draw us near
sweet bag of ambrosia pleasantly we share
romantically holding hands with one so dear

doors decked with red bows and silver bells
ornate lamp posts that light the windows
streets of desire, full of gifts they sell
spirit of Christmas brightens our sorrows

packages overflowing, bustling all about
snow piled up on the sides of the street
bell ringers dedicated for those without
panes with Holy scenes painted so neat

Truly the most wonderful time of year,
spirit of giving, love and holiday cheer!

Christmas is...

The most wonderful time of year,
a season filled with love and cheer.

Shopping malls, deck the halls.

Pies and cookies and cinnamon spice,
the time of year when everyone's nice.

Happy smiles with twinkles in eyes,
waiting the night that reindeer fly!

Jack frost bites, cold snowy nights.

Wood stoves, stockings, decorations abound,
Mom decorates humming Christmas sounds.

Butterflies in children all giddy with glee
excited to see what their presents will be.

Dads build bikes and toddler trikes,
play swing sets and model jets.

Moms bake muffins, turkey and treats,
it seems we get a license to eat!

Christmas trees sparkle and glitter,
fresh pine smell through all of December.

Tightly wrapped gifts with colorful bows,
presents under the tree just grow and grow!

Baby dolls and bouncy balls.
Candy canes and small toy trains.

A fancy doll house. A Mickey mouse.

Toys and toys of all kind,
only if you are nice and mind,
What do naughty children get?
A lump of coal could be it!

I end this holiday poem and say...

"Lets not forget" I beg and pray,
"to honor Christ on HIS birthday"!


A Soldier's Christmas

As I sit in my bunker on a foreign land
I feel so alone, but obey my command.
It is my duty to serve, protect, and fight
no matter the day, time, or holiest night.

The terrors I've seen, the unspeakable acts
have not brought a tear, but now I react.
God let this war end, is my Christmas prayer,
this loneliness inside, I can no longer bear.

I'm a soldier on Christmas, one of so many,
missing family, his wife and new born baby.
The scattered scars that mark up my skin,
the stories they tell of where I have been.

These wounds I carry, they set me apart.
What truly pains me is my lonely heart.

'Twas two nights before Christmas and in all the beds, parents sleep while
kids have mischief dance in their heads. Creeping and searching all
around, tip toeing quietly making no sound. Sneaky little ones that know too
much, looking for gifts to hold and touch. Some will open and take a look,
like a little thief, a li'l Christmas crook! You think you have hid them all so
well, but the sneakiest ones you never can tell. Two nights before
Christmas, my only advice, to believe they are angels is a roll of the dice!

Holiday Haiku

brisk cold midnight air
December flying reindeer-
rooftop land reins steer

Winter's Warmth

frozen wonder scene
snow dusted trees evergreen
icy blue mountains;
warm glowing lights brightly shine
Christmas spirit Christ's birth time