About Me

Hi, my name is Tommy Garrison, I am a writer who lives in the great NW of USA. I've been told by many that I am an amazing, talented, true rhyming poet. I'm not sure if it was the desire to be humble or my "doubting Thomas" within, but it took me five years of writing before I starting believing all the great reviews I regularly get.

Poetry is often a reflection of one's soul and life experiences. That is sometimes true with me, but I do not limit or contain my writing to my own personal walk. I honestly write poetry that ALL can relate to and understand. You will never read one of my poems and leave wondering what the heck I was trying to say. I do not write free verse.

I believe I am most well known for my unique Story Poems with great rhyme sequence, meter and flow. I love to write nostalgic poems, poetry about Christmas, loss, love, erotic, society, animals and nature, metaphorical, kids and even lol funny poems just to mention a few.

I truly write poetry in a broad array of styles, genres, always rhyme usually with great structure. Thank you very much for your visit, reads, and time you have taken to get to know me.

More about me..

I LOVE football, snow skiing, mustang cars, Seattle Seahawks, boxing, muay thai, mixed martial arts, chess, playing the saxophone and most wind instruments.
I love listening to music and watching movies. I have only been writing for about five years. The words just flow right out of my mind. I must give credit to Mrs. Cook my high school sophomore literature teacher,
because inspiring a football playing punk couldn't have been easy! She was able to get me to write a poem, after I complained how stupid the class was for half the period. The poem ended up making page five in the school poem book that year. That was pretty much the last poem I wrote until Jan. 2008.