Loss Poems

Poems I have written for my mother, and others, may God bless them forever.

On Angel's Wings

Happy Mother's day as I remember the past.
Sending my love up high on angel's wings.
Like a beautiful flower not meant to last.
Memory I treasure though tears it brings.

Smile and laughter cherished in my mind.
Now you're in heaven and there you wait.
The love of a Mother from one so kind.
A dimension apart seems to be our fate.

I hear your voice in the robin's song.
I see your face in the sunny blue sky.
I know I will see you, it won't be long.
It takes the fear away from when I die.

Still seen and heard in many dreams.
Wisdom and advice remembered well.
My love goes on like endless streams.
Now stories of old, my children to tell.

Mother's day is so hard without you here.
Each year I try to shed just one less tear.

In my heart

Mother I wish you were here now.
I was not ready for your final bow.

Through me, my children will know you,
you are in my heart, and in all I do.

I often get blue, my eyes turn down,
Tears of sadness, a heartache frown.

I know what you would want me to do,
lift up my eyes and look for you.

The sun shines down upon my face.
I feel your love, your warm embrace.

I imagine you wiping my tears away,
Hearing your words and all you would say.

Your soothing voice and great advice,
"have faith in God and always be nice".

I know you are in a better place,
God also loves your warm embrace.

Thank you Mom, I will always love you!
You are part of me, and in all I do.

Mother I Miss You

It saddens me Mom, that you're not here this day,
to hold my baby girl, to watch my children play.

Many years it's been since you have long passed
but the pain in my heart just always seems to last.

I never took the time to take you out to lunch,
This really tears me up, I'm missing you so much.

It hurts so deep inside you will never read my books
with a mother's admiration, the way a mother looks.

Your eyes will never lay upon all the poems I write,
I'm sorry for my sadness the tears I try to fight.

One of just a few who would ever truly care
taken from me early our lives we no longer share

Heaven has a phone...

I now believe heaven does have a phone.
I heard my mothers voice, not a dial tone.

She asked how I'm doing, if everything is alright?
I told her I'm ok and I'm fighting the good fight.

I said I want to see you, show how my kids have grown,
then my tears started flowing, and I woke up all alone.

There are no tears in heaven, it mixes up the line.
Next time I will not cry, and everything should be fine.

It's very hard to reach, but heaven has a phone,
just don't be sad and weep, it triggers life's dial tone.

Loss Poems, Whitney Houston Tribute Poem

Dear Whitney,

The greatest vocals the world has heard.
We love your songs, we love every word.
The voice and beauty of an angel high,
and now that you're gone we say goodbye.

Shining most brilliant, an original queen.
A dominant talent stepping on the scene.
Your music stands strong, and continues on.
We appreciate you, long after you've gone.

Your beauty matched your amazing voice.
God has you now, and for that we rejoice.
Still a heartbreak races all across the earth.
We don't see your wrongs, only your worth.

You will be dearly missed, a true loved one.
We will always love you Whitney Houston!