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Imagination Celebration
Colorful Balloons
Illustrated by Mark Harmon

Colorful Balloons

Green balloons, red balloons, purple, and blue...
Would you jump in a pool full of balloons?

Swimming in color, squeaky in rubber!
Playing in balloons, seems like forever.

I like tossing balloons in the air,
rubbing balloons in my hair.
I stick them up against the wall,
and wait to see when they fall.

Gold balloons, silver balloons, pink ones too!
I mostly like bright yellow balloons.

Colorful balloons make me smile.
I want balloons as long as a mile.

Only tip when it comes to balloons...

When blowing them up, make sure to stop.
Because if you don't, balloons ALWAYS POP!

Written by Tommy Garrison
(c) All Rights Reserved.
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"Cute and clever with a nice upbeat rhythm to it. I had to chuckle at the "rubbing in the hair"
my daughter loves to rub them on hers and lil' bro's to see just how high she can get their hair
to stick out lol...too funny kids are! Great poem, keep up the nice work." -

"I love that! I'm saving it for my kids to read tomorrow!" - Kathryn B.
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